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341 Johnston street Abbotsford 3067
Telephone: 03 9419 4064

Had an accident? CALL US BEFORE you call your insurer.

40 Replacement Cars Available

Prahran Smash Repairs

Prahran Smash Repairs

Prahran Smash Repairs You’ve been in an accident, and need Prahran smash repairs?

While you’re looking around the Prahran area, you get frustrated with a variety of problems.

You need Prahran smash repairs quickly, but the shop in question won’t do the mechanical, as well. The parts they wish to use are substandard, not worth the parts being replaced. They only do mechanical, not Prahran smash repair.

They refuse to deal with the insurance company; which would makes things far, far faster. Taking anywhere else out of the area would be more expensive, leaving you holding the bag.

You need to go to the Abbotsford Panel Beaters, which services that don’t stop at their specialized panel beatings. Technician Trevor and his team have doing this for over 12 years, and they give you the full monty of service: towing, car detailing, even painting. They offer it all.

Servicing Prahran Smash Repairs

Servicing the Prahran areas, Abbotsford Panel Beaters  works on not only personal vehicles, but large and small fleet vehicles for companies such as Chubb, Fuji Xerox, CMG, and Dennis Family Homes, just to name a few. They service some of the most well-known companies in Melbourne, simply because they know that with Trevor and his crew, they’ll get best service, and quick a quick turnaround so that these companies don’t lose too much time or money. Their Prahran Smash Repairs services are backed by their Golden Lifetime Warranty to put you at ease.

Prahran Accidents and fender benders: Abbotsford Panel Beaters only employees the latest technology combined with traditional workmanship to ensure that you and your vehicle is as good as new. We can strip and replace the affected parts, they use only the best European paints factory direct to match any type: enamel, flat and metallic colours, pearls, even acrylic and the latest equipment.

If you have merely a ding, Abbotsford Panel Beaters has a timelier alternative to panel beating: the techs are all authorized Dent Masters dent massager technicians, meaning Prahran Smash Repairs will save you time and money.

Extensive repairs needed, and you have to deal with the insurance company? No problem! Not only had Trevor been dealing with major insurance for over 12 years, Abbotsford Panel Beaters as a whole has been doing so for over 40! Call them for help you deal with the insurance company from start to finish! They give out on the spot quotes, advise the quickest way to get your car back quickly.

Car needs to be in the shop for a bit? At Abbotsford Panel Beaters, have your vehicle towed to the Abbotsford location, and you can get a replacement car until yours is ready because everybody deserves a replacement car, even if they’re at fault.

Prahran Smash Repairs with Richmond Panels

So if you need the work done, don’t hesitate to call Abbotsford Panel Beaters. They have a 24 hour hotline, and have received rave reviews you can see on Google and Womo!

Trevor may not be a superhero; indeed, but he has an almost amazing ability to make your cars look like new! Call Prahran Smash Repairs anywhere in the Prahran area on: 0385 778 377.

Hours of Operation: 8am to 5pm – Monday to Friday 9am to 12 noon - Saturdays

Abbotsford Panel Beaters
341 Johnston St Abbotsford, VIC, 3067
03 9419 4064
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